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About Us

Enriching Lives is both a Foster Family Agency and an Adult Family Home Agency providing children and adults (Individuals) with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in the community by matching them with Family Home Providers who provide them with a supportive environment of care and supervision and whose skill sets and lifestyles meet their needs.

Enriching Lives provides a flexible living option designed around the specific needs and preferences of each Individual and is an alternative to living with family, independently, in a residential home, or in a developmental center.


Enriching Lives certifies individuals and families in the community as Family Home Providers. Providers come from all different backgrounds and skill sets and receive a stipend to provide care and support for Individuals in their own home.

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Individuals Served

Enriching Lives serves a wide range of children and adults in the Family Home environment.

Individuals are referred to Enriching Lives by Redwood Coast Regional Center, North Bay Regional Center, or Alta California Regional Center and have varying degrees of developmental disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or brain injury.

Individuals may also have other medical or mental health diagnosis and can range from high functioning, independent Individuals, to Individuals with significant behaviors or total physical care needs. Individuals are matched with families whose skill sets and lifestyle meet their needs and preferences.

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