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Make a Referral

Enriching Lives serves Individuals receiving services through Redwood Coast Regional Center, North Bay Regional Center, and Alta California Regional Center.  Referrals are initiated by each Regional Center.  The referral process is similar to other types of residential living options.   

After a referral has been made, Enriching Lives will set up an intake interview with the Individual and any other appropriate members of their Planning Team. Once this has been completed, the matching process begins to find the right Family Home Provider for the Individual. The Individual and their Planning Team are involved in this process.

When an appropriate home is available, it usually takes about 2-4 weeks from the time a referral is made until an Individual is placed in a Family Home. However, this process can be completed much more quickly in emergency situations. 
   Unique Features

Each home only serves 1-2 Individuals at a time allowing for a more intimate family environment and personalized care for each Individual.

Each Individual also has their own bedroom which allows them to experience more privacy and can assist with decreasing behaviors common in other living environments.

Adults can choose to live together with their spouse or partner in a Family Home setting even if their spouse or partner is not receiving services from the Regional Center.

Individuals with children can live in a Family Home and receive support to parent their children in a family setting.
Supports Provided

Enriching Lives provides a wide range of ongoing supports to the Individual, the Family Home Provider, and the Regional Center.  In addition to residential and case management support, Individuals are provided opportunities for community integration, socialization, and relationship development as part of the Individual Service Plan (ISP) planning process.

Individuals also receive specialized consultation to meet their particular needs such as nursing support, dietary or nutritional support, physical therapy, behavioral support, counseling and other specialized supports. 

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are utilized to assist in carrying out an Individual’s ISP goals and support the Individual in skill building in the home or community as appropriate.    


For more information or to begin the referral process, please Contact Us or submit an email inquiry below: